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On Tuesday Aug 11, Joe Biden informed his supporters of his decision to make Senator Kamala Harris his running mate, marking a historical moment in more than one way.

In response to President Donald Trump’ declarations from last Friday, ByteDance, the Chinese internet giant that owns TikTok, has offered to sell all its American operations as a way to save the business from being banned from the U.S.

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The media giant already started testing the new features with a few public figures on the mobile app only but it’s now extending them to a larger selection of Pages.

As companies are on a permanent quest to out-perform the ever-evolving social media algorithms, these systems designed to recommend more of what we like, are pushing us into bubbles of similar and self-referential content while shaping us in more ways than we might immediately realize.

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When few providers become owners of over 50% of the market, it likely means that independent restaurants will have less and less negotiating powers.

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It’s a known fact that tech and politics usually do not mix however, if there was a need to reiterate the scale of the current protests against the use of excessive force by U.S. law enforcement, the fact that tech companies are asserting their position should be an additional confirmation.

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On bugs, Mayhem and how we’re increasingly immersed in a software based reality.

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As the global pandemic dramatically boosted messaging apps, the pursuit of end-to-end encryption is turning out more challenging for some but nonetheless it’s the new benchmark for tech and media companies.

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